When I hear antique fashion my first thought is Victorian fashion which screams bold, oversized, bouffant but above all gorgeous.

Some would say Victorian=black or dark clothing which can look sad. 

That’s so further from the truth. Victorian fashion is one of the best I have

ever seen and I am so very lucky to have in my stock.

Victorian era in the history of the United Kingdom was of course the reign of Queen Victoria between 1830s to 1900s. And needless to say it wasn’t all only about Victorian fashion,

the later half of it overlaps with Belle Epoque in Continental Europe.

In 1868 the bustle had appeared and by 1889 it began to fade and sleeves began to grow in proportions never seen before or since. As the Victorian era drew to an end skirts began forming trains  .

Victorian Black Mourning Cape With Lace and Jet Black Beads

Boning corsets were worn to achieve the tiny waist, there were norms for mourning and in Britain the colour black is associated with mourning for the dead. Bombazine fabric covered with crepe, widow’s cap, jet jewellery were a requirement as mourning attire, the complexity of the clothing depending on the relationship of the deceased.

Nowadays of course Victorian fashion is admired for the quality, design and intricate detailing, including Chantilly Lace capes, the stunning Victorian boots which are more known as granny boots and not to mention the jet beads and jewellery. The higher the class the more sophisticated the piece.

Antique 1900 Victorian Turquoise Floral Brooch

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