Did you know ? The 20s was the decade of Art Deco , so the brooches had bolder structure , high contrast colours and classic gems .


Between the 20s and the 40s they were not so popular due to material shortage of the war , but they did make a come back in the 50s now with soft lines and elongating and cascading designs , designs that move with the wearer , the bottom of the brooch was articulated .

1950 Vintage Aurora Borealis Austria Leaves Brooch

1950 Vintage Aurora Borealis Austria Leaves Brooch

The 60s saw the return to the nature , so bird brooches became popular . Between 70s and 80s the yellow metal setting dominated the scene and the colourful gemstones dominated the design of brooches.In the 90s designers began experimenting with new material and brooches became light and offered more flexibility in shape and size .

1980 Vintage Abalone Effect Brooch


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