Stylists believe you need to mix vintage and modern. Is getting more and more difficult to build an original style for different reasons : you don’t have time to explore all the shops out there to look for unique pieces, usually designers follow the same trends when designing their clothes, even if you choose a dressmaker you can’t visit them too often for the same reason, the lack of time. So what’s the option?


  1. Fashion knows a few golden eras – black and white outfits created by Coco Chanel , the jazz era and elegant dresses, the French fashion from the 60’s. There’s no wonder the fashion designers keep going back to those decades. If you don’t want to look as if you just stepped out of a time machine, ideally you should accessorize your modern outfit with vintage jewellery and accessories, created or just inspired by those decades. How do you do that? Take advantage of markets/ carboot sales or vintage online stores and website to get hold of that belt or accessory that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere, wear them with a simple elegant dress, in neutral colours, easy to match with authentic vintage accessories from different decades. 
  2. Another option would be to combine 2 pieces from different decades, including modern. For example a pair of jeans or a leather skirt with a vintage embroidered shirt which you got from your nan or found online in a vintage store, or a coat from the 60’s with a dress from the 50’s and a classic bag. Possibilities are endless but you should pay attention to the way you combine them as instead of a gorgeous outfit you could end up looking a disaster. 
  3. Choose a statement piece and match the entire outfit around the statement piece. Be it a hippy skirt, a boho dress or a pair of boots, the rule is to wear minimal accessories or get rid of them completely.
  4. Where to find vintage jewellery? Usually online vintage shops specialise in vintage jewellery and fashion and they do have vintage jewellery and clothing collections, one of them being kubitzi vintage selling antique and vintage fashion.

These tips helps you build a unique style without looking as if you stepped right out of a masquerade. Vintage and antique choices also bring other benefits , you help to keep the tradition going and give life to antique and vintage pieces as well as support the small businesses selling this type of products.

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