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Flapper Dress

The movies and music of these past years have brought back to life the vintage and retro style highlighted by the dropped waist dress, tassels and beadwork, bob haircuts accessorized by tiny hats or turbans and the deep intense lipstick. These sexy and flirty dresses, specific to the 20’s have a certain charm and deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Flapper name in the 20’s was attributed to women who didn’t follow the conventional norms of the time and preferred to dress extravagantly, being characterized by their bob hairdo , short skirts and listened to jazz.

Chic, feminine and versatile, the flapper dress goes really well with the androgyny silhouette, having the benefit of creating a supple and tall looking figure. Heavily embellished, these dresses don’t need much accessorizing. You can wear them with a pair of ankle strap sandals and an envelope bag. In the colder nights they can be worn with a long cardigan or shawl over.

If you are blonde choose a dress in deep shades of green or turquoise. If you’re a brunette choose a black and white dress or beige colour. If you choose to be daring, accessorize your dress with vintage elements like long pearl strands, hair pieces worn on the forehead, small veils or even turbans.

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