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How to dress vintage and be on trend !

Stylists believe you need to mix vintage and modern. Is getting more and more difficult to build an original style for different reasons : you don’t have time to explore all the shops out there to look for unique pieces, usually designers follow the same trends when designing their clothes, even if you choose a dressmaker you can’t visit them too often for the same reason, the lack of time. So what’s the option?


A timeline on jewellery and accessories

The first known piece of jewellery was first created around 115000 years ago, which of course can be hard to believe, but it’s a fact and mankind has always shown interest in it, considering it was used by many to denote status. As much as I’d love to go through the thousands and hundreds of years timeline, I don’t want to bore anyone into reading, so I’ll start with my latest love which is the Antique Victorian era.


Fall in love with antique fashion

Victorian Antique Beth Genuine Leather Black Court Shoes Size UK 6.5 Narrow


When I hear antique fashion my first thought is Victorian fashion which screams bold, oversized, bouffant but above all gorgeous.

Some would say Victorian=black or dark clothing which can look sad. 

That’s so further from the truth. Victorian fashion is one of the best I have

ever seen and I am so very lucky to have in my stock.

Victorian era in the history of the United Kingdom was of course the reign of Queen Victoria between 1830s to 1900s. And needless to say it wasn’t all only about Victorian fashion,

the later half of it overlaps with Belle Epoque in Continental Europe.